The Brass Book:American, English and European Fifteenth Century through 1850

The Brass Book: American, English and European Fifteenth Century through 1850 by Peter, Nancy and Herbert Schiffer. Hardcover with dust jacket. 447pp, 100s of black and white photographs. Very Fine. The best book for identifying forms. Into essays help define purposes to objects and then a visual smorgasbord helps the reader learn to visually identify all things brass. Book covers HIstorical Background, Andirons, Armament, Bells, Bird Cages, Boxes, Candle Holders, Candle Snuffers, Dredgers, Fenders, Dressing Articles, Fire Tools, Grates, Horse Brasses, House Fittings, Ink Stands, Jamb Hooks, Lamps, Lanterns, Occupational Tools, Ornaments, Pots, Scientific Instruments, Table and Kitchen Ware, Tomb Plates, Trays, Trivets, Wall Hangings, Warming Pans, Catalog of 18th century Furniture Brass.

Dealer Russack & Loto Books, LLC
Date: 1978
Artist/Maker Peter Schiffer et al.
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Price $60
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