Early 20thC Noah's Arc (German)

Toy Noah’s Arcs for children to play with were very popular in the late 19th century, and Germany was very prolific in their production. This particular arc is all original and has the entry/exit ramp platform along with 30 figures, consisting of a variety of pairs of animals and two figures, presumably Noah and his wife Naamah. The arc is hand painted in attractive colors of red, pale yellow, and green, along with multi-colored hand painted animals. The arc is wooden and the animals are hand carved. Condition is excellent.



Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: C.1910
Origin German
Measurements 18" l x 6" w x 10" h
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Website http://www.clivedevenishantiques.com/home.php
Price $1650
Contact Clive Devenish, 510.414.4545 or  clivedevenishantiques@comcast.net

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