Sensational Folk Art Paint Decorated Violin Case

New England, ca. 1820-1830. Highly graphic and with first-rate surface. Comparable to fine, colorful, graphic trade signs of the period. Original polychrome paint on pine. Signed "I, Crosby", likely the instrument owner but also perhaps the artist. Note that the last two letters "by" are subscripted. It was common in that period and earlier to carry letters above or below if there wasn't enough room. The bold red and black violin, set against the mustard background, augmented by black leafing and lining, elevates this piece to one of the best paint-decorated boxes I have had the pleasure to own and with a scale to make a strong statement. May stand upright, flat on the bottom, or on either edge. About 29 inches long x 9 wide x 4 1/4 deep.

Dealer Don Olson
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