Beautiful Pastoral Folk Art Townscape

View of Forestville, Chautauqua County, New York. 19th century. Oil on canvas with rich, saturated colors. The cozy picturesque village with closely knit structures wraps around a wooded square and is nestled in the valley below pristine forested hills. The artist represented the forest with an engaging "rhythm" to the trunks and leafed-canopies, the rhythm echoed in the trees that frame the foreground, and even within the clouds. The two taller foreground trees also mirror the strength and verticality of the meeting house and/or church spire. The artist has successfully portrayed a tight sense of community and pride. The painting contains abudant detail from the clock on the tower to subtle architectural elements to polychrome grasses and leaves; even several window curtains. In a high state of originality retaining its original stretcher and likely frame, never lined, two very small holes yet no restoration or in-painting. Frame size about 31 1/2 inches wide x 24 tall.

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