Historic Early 19th Century Tavern Lantern in a Remarkable State of Originality

From the contents of the Silas Hastings tavern (built ca 1817 on the site of the original settler's home) in Boylston, Massachusetts. The lantern, ca. early 19th century, is in a very high state of originality (appears untouched) retaining very dry black paint on a pine domed case, the dome top fitted with sheet-tin attached via cut nails. The case also retains the four original thin-glass panels, each with a slightly greenish cast, held by tin-tabs, the door glass-panel with a thin crack. The tin candle socket, attached with cut nails, also appears to be the original, strongly indicating that this lantern received very little use, no doubt a key factor in its survival and outstanding condition. The delicate door hinges and hasp are also original, as is the turned-bale handle fitted through the dome. About 10 inches tall (not including the bale handle).

Dealer Don Olson
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