Choice, Small, Pristine, Painted Queen Anne Looking Glass

New England, ca. 1790. Original dry thin red paint on what appears to be birch, with pine back board. The form is elegant with the simple curves that we identify with the Queen-Anne form before busier Chippendale forms became popular. As pristine of an early looking glass as one will encounter, with first wafer-thin glass retaining about half of its silvering, pit-sawn backboard, and an unusual RIVEN support on the back of the crest to prevent curling. The red-paint was applied thinly to let the underlying wood figure to show through. About 11 1/4 inches tall x 6 5/8 wide. For the collector who seeks early Americana with superior form, surface, and condition. A thrilling piece in hand that prompts the holder to consider "what other eyes saw their reflection in this glass two centuries ago?"

Dealer Don Olson
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