Early American 18th Century Painted Standing Salt....ex Roger Bacon

New England, ca. 18th century. Appears to be turned from maple. Wood salts were used in the modest country home, while upscale city homes might have salts fashioned from silver. Original worn paint presenting as blue-green over black (or green oxidized to black). Worn crackly over-varnish. Slow-lathe turned (faint widely-spaced lathe tool marks visible underneath) with flaring bowl above a knopped stem (the knop a design element as seen on candlesticks of the period) supported by a round footed base, the base now shrunk to an oval with desirable wear about the underside of the edge. The interior shows salt residue and paint loss, this one was really used. Complex highly patinated surface. Ancient tight hairlines. About 2 1/2 inches tall. Provenance: private collections, Roger Bacon..

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