Palette Painting - Julian Walbridge Rix (1851 - 1903)

A very good palette painting incorporating the artists color mixes and spilled varnish. Inscribed on the back with the names of J. W. Rix and Harry W. Watrous (1857 - 1940)...possibly given to Watrous as a gift—artist to artist.


Julian Walbridge Rix was one of the first California painters to be influenced by the Barbizon style.  He too sketched outside and painted his works inside his studio but his strong colors and his muscular use of his palette knife were uniquely his own.  His abilities and works were the envy of San Francisco painters. 

Date: Circa: 1890
Origin California
Artist/Maker Julian Walbridge Rix (1851 - 1903)
Measurements 13 7/8" (w) x 9 3/4" (h)
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Price $1,800.00
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