5000 Cigars

Late 19th century zinc lined wood box lettered ‘5000 Cigars From Geo T. Warren & Co.’ with one side referencing 'Smoke Warren's Elixir of Life Cigars' and the other side referencing 'Smoke Warren's Junior Cigars', all in as found and untouched four color paint decorated surface, as found condition, most likely used as a transportation/storage container. Among other things, before George T Warren was the mayor of Flint, Michigan in 1885, he ran a thriving cigar business. William Durant, who founded General Motors, sold cigars for George T. Warren. In Durant’s biography, his claim to fame was his salesmanship of 22,000 cigars in two days on behalf of Warren’s company.

Dealer American Garage
Date: Late 19th Century
Origin USA
Measurements 30.5" wide x 28.5" high x 19" deep
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Price Upon Request
Contact Michael J Ogle & Diana Douglas, 818-388-1234 or  gallery@americangarageantiques.com

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