Aarne Anton

Dealing in American Folk Art and American antiques for over 40 years in New York. .American Primitive Gallery has been known for expanding the field of contemporary art with its focus on self-taught artists and outsider art. Our primary aim is to present art of singular vision by artists in self-made worlds that challenge the imagination. The Gallery represents a diverse range of artists with a sampling available for view online or at the Gallery.



American Primitive Art & Bases Inc. has been the primary source in NYC for bases for sculpture for over 40 years. Custom mountings are designed for individual work of art in metal or wood. Aesthetic considerations determine the proportions, finish, and safest means of attachment of the art to the base. Our mountings are designed to enhance the art and increase their value and enjoyment. We consult with clients to determine the best options for presentation at our SOHO shop. We are also able to fabricate mounts from sketch and supplied dimensions and ship nationwide. Our clients include dealers, collectors, designers, corporations, Sotheby's, Christie's, and select museums.

We have mounted works of art from every culture and every period of world history back to the Jurassic age. We are sensitive to individual client's aesthetic preferences, time requirements, and privacy. We have become known for transforming unusual or evocative objects not made as art by creative mounting with an artist's eye we mount found objects, utilitarian pieces, industrial objects, and pieces from the natural world. We can float them in space on a base or off the wall to be seen as art. The collection of objects can be grouped or displayed in a unified manner to enhance the collection or animate a space.

Basework is charged on the basis of time spent designing and fabricating the mounts and materials costs. There are usually choices in materials, finishes, and means of attachment which determine the cost which usually requires examining the object to be mounted. We mount and ship to clients nationwide.

Contact:   Aarne Anton
6 Mountain Rd
Pomona,  New York 10970
Phone: (212) 628-1530
E-mail: american.primitive@verizon.net
Website: https://americanprimitive.com
Does Appraisals No
State: New York
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