3.6 x 5.10 Antique Belouchi Rug, Northeast Persia or Afghanistan, Circa 1900

3.6 x 5.10 Antique Belouchi Rug, Northeast Persia or Afghanistan, Circa 1900.

This rug is from our Selections For New Enthusiasts, featuring moderately priced antique rugs for decorating and individuals perhaps recently developing an interest in antique rugs.

The Belouchi are a tribal group known perhaps primarily for inhabiting Afghanistan. However, a group of Belouchi people also live in northeast Persia’s Khorasson province.

Many Belouchi rugs are somewhat coarsely woven but often have a great deal of charm. Camel color fields are not atypical and the folk art character of these rugs is prized by collectors.

Unlike many Belouchi rugs attributed to Afghanistan, that tend to reflect the above characteristics, this rug is very finely woven and reflects design influence from Turkmen tribes located to the north. This raises the possibility that this piece was woven in northeast Persia rather than Afghanistan. The mahogany/aubergine color field is decorated with Turkmen style Guls (medallions). A salmon color border frames the field.

Plastic loops are sewn on the back at one end and this, plus the excellent general condition, suggests this rug was displayed on a wall.

The wool quality is very fine and it retains much of the original flat-woven end finish.

Dealer Douglas & Helen Stock / Quadrifoglio Gallery
Date: Circa 1900
Origin Northeast Persia or Afghanistan
Artist/Maker Belouchi weaver, northeast Persia or Afghanistan
Measurements 3.6 x 5.10
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Website https://quadrifogliogallery.com
Price $ 2,450
Contact Douglas Stock, (781) 690-5710 or  douglas@quadrifogliogallery.com

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