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George E. Morgan (1870-1969): Memories of the Kennebec

Author: Steven S. Powers
Published: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

George E. Morgan
George E. Morgan (1870-1969)

Mapping has occurred across time and cultures and the ability to map, to express in material form the cognition of large-scale environments from wholly or partially aerial perspectives, is indeed a cultural universal. -David Stea, James M. Blaut and Jennifer Stephens Mapping As A Cultural Universal

In 1962, the town of Hallowell, Maine was celebrating its 200th birthday, or bicentennial. A commemorative book was commissioned and printed, documenting its rich and industrious past—events were planned and banners put up. Nearby in the town of Gardiner, surely inspired by the locale fanfare, a resident nearly half as many years old, put brush to canvas and recorded his recollections of a time when the towns of Hallowell, Gardiner, Randolph, and other mill towns of the Kennebec River were vital exchanges of the Maine economy.

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